Very Small Batch – India Pale Ale

$15.00 -

6.5% 60 IBU India Pale Ale

We have been having a lot of fun with our Very Small Batch series and when it came time to pick the style of our next VSB, we were all spit-balling a bunch of different/unique styles. However, after much brainstorming, we realized that we haven’t brewed a classic India Pale Ale in a LONG TIME!

We are pretty sure a lack of IPAs are some sort of craft brewery sin, so we all decided we needed to address this issue.

With this VSB, we have mashed the beautiful hoppy flavors of melon, pine, and tangerine into this 6.5% brewski. As with any typical IPA, this beer starts with a very floral aroma and finishes with a distinct bitter finish!

Get it while you can as this one definitely won’t last long!

Please note:

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