Very Small Batch No.1- Pink Guava Lager

$15.00 - 4 pk (473mL)

Limited! 5.0% Lager

One of our most popular Edgerton Exclusive beers EVER is now coming to tall boy cans as part of our Very Small Batch brews. That’s right, you guessed it: Pink Guava Lager is now available in a limited number of cans!

What can we say about this beer? It brings the smooth approach of a classic lager with a little twist of fresh Pink Guava. This is a very limited batch, so we have limited it to two packs per purchase. Grab them while you can!

Please note:

Delivery is $10, or free if you spend $50! Currently only available within a limited radius from Edmonton, Calgary, and Wainwright. — Delivery day is now on Thursday for all locations (Wainwright/Edmonton/Calgary). Orders will be accepted until noon on the day prior to delivery in the area.