Bomber Series #4: Double IPA

8.5% 58 IBU Double India Pale Ale Seasonal (Available)

Copious amounts of hops. A heaping malt bill. Bursts of orange citrus. These are only some of the elements you will find inside. Our recommendation is to stop reading this, take this bottle home, pour it into a glass and enjoy the balanced bold flavours of this beautiful Double IPA.

Bomber Series #3 Berliner Weisse

3.8% IBU Sour Wheat Ale Seasonal

This classic German beer style dates back to the 16th century and became a drink of choice for those living in Berlin.

Sour tartness balanced out with sweetness of wheat and barley malts, provide for a refreshing beer that finishes clean and dry. An exceptional beer that is perfect to share with exceptional people!

Bomber Series #2: American Pale Ale

5.3% 28 IBU American Pale Ale Seasonal

Introducing our limited release, American Pale Ale that is bursting with hoppy goodness.  Strong citrus flavours that are backed up by a resinous pine character, work together to create the distinctive style known as an American Pale Ale.  This APA is has an approachable ABV of 5.25% and a subtle IBU rating of 28.  Enjoy one today!

Bomber Series #1: Roggenbier

5.6% IBU Rye Ale Sold Out

This classic German style Rye Ale is brewed with tradition in mind. Distinct grainy rye malt plays nicely with the subtle aromas and flavours of banana and clove from the Weizen yeast. The malts and yeast combine to showcase a flavourful and balanced beer that won’t disappoint.

Rangeland Pale Ale

4.2% 30 IBU Pale Ale Sold Out

Our well-rounded Pale Ale balanced with just the right amount of hops and malt, cascade hops give citrus and floral aromas, while the malt gives notes of caramel and toffee. Rangeland Crosses an ESB with an American Pale ale to create a distinct Alberta Craft brew.