Raspberry Berliner Weisse

4% IBU Sour Wheat Ale Available

This classic german beer style dates back to the 16th century and became the drink of choice for many of those living in Berlin.

A subtle sour tartness is balanced nicely with the sweetness of fresh, orchard grown raspberries, this provides for a refreshing beer that finishes clean and dry.

An exceptional kettle sour that is perfect to share with exceptional people!

  • Gold! - Canadian International Beer Awards - Fruit Category

Keeper’s Point

5.1% 18 IBU New England Style Pale Ale Available

A beer style born in the Northeastern United States, this New England Style Pale Ale is overflowing with citrus flavours.

Keeper’s Point has a hazy appearance and strong aromas that are complimented by minimal bitterness and a clean finish.

Raise a glass to the hardworking people, inspiring coastlines and incredible beer of New England.

Lone Bison IPA

6.5% 70 IBU India Pale Ale Mainstay

Our Unfiltered IPA comes in with citrus and pine notes, blended with a pronounced hoppy flavour that finishes with a hint of spice. With floral and hop aroma, Lone Bison is an exceptional brew for hopheads and craft beer fans alike.

Ribstone Creek Lager

5.0% 7 IBU Lager Mainstay

Our Premium Lager displays sparkling clarity and a soft blanket of white head that combines an easy-drinking finish with a micro-brewed attention to detail. The aroma offers delicate, grainy malt sweetness supplemented by a light grassiness and hint of floral hoppiness.

Abbey Lane

3.6% 24 IBU English Mild Available

Inspired by the English countryside and brewed in the heart of the Canadian Prairies, Abbey Lane English Mild carries the full-bodied flavour of dark, toasty and roasted nuttiness solidly on its malt forward backbone.

Abbey Lane will transport you across the pond and put an authentic tasting pint of English Tavern beer in your hand.

  • Gold Medal Winner - Session Ales - 2017 Canadian Brewing Awards
  • Silver Medal Winner - Brown Ales - 2017 Canadian Brewing Awards
  • Bronze Medal Winner - UK Ales - 2019 Canadian International Beer Awards
  • Silver Medal Winner - Session Ales - 2019 Canadian Brewing Awards