In October 2013, Rangeland Pale Ale joined the Ribstone Creek line-up. It was the third beer brewed by Ribstone, after the fabled 7.5% Buckin’ Bronco IPA and Ribstone Creek Lager. Rangeland was an immediate success and became a favourite among Alberta pale ale drinkers. Rangeland was a cross between an ESB and an american pale ale that created a distinct Alberta brew.  As Ribstone continues to evolve and grow, we have decided it was time to retire our dependable friend. As we move on from Rangeland, a space becomes available in our mainstay line-up. Retiring a beer that has been part of our line-up for this many years presents a great deal of opportunity and we are excited about the possibilities. So, as we look to the future, we tip our cap to Rangeland. Thank you for the memories old friend.