The Prairie Pirate is back and up to his old tricks!
First it was stolen hops from Last Best Brewery, then malt from Red Shed Malting, followed by lacto culture from the Old School Cheesery. Now, even if protected by their pet goose, home brewers aren’t safe from the evil plans of the Pirate.

Introducing Moonlight Bay
This time around, we’re adding a Black IPA to the series in partnership with home brewer Moonlight Bay Brewing. The Pirate is β€œborrowing” a recipe from the home brewer as part of the collaboration. Ribstone Creek Brewery assistant brewer, Brendon Opseth, is the mind behind Moonlight Bay. Ribstone Creek wanted to have some fun and provide an opportunity for Brendon to brew a home brew recipe on the big system and the Prairie Pirate series was well suited.

Tasting Notes
Prairie Pirate – Black IPA pours a deep dark black colour with little to no roasted or burnt flavours from the base malt. It has been dry hopped with a blend of classic Northwest hops giving the beer a balanced medium bitterness. Hop flavours of mixed citrus and pine resin work well with the complex malt bill to give this IPA a nice rounded dry finish.

We think you will enjoy what the Pirate and Moonlight Bay have put together! Watch out for where the pirate will strike next!


Previous beers in this series include: Double IPA, Rauchbier and Gose.Β 

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