Lone Bison IPA

6.5% 70 IBU India Pale Ale Mainstay

Our Unfiltered IPA comes in with citrus and pine notes, blended with a pronounced hoppy flavour that finishes with a hint of spice. With floral and hop aroma, Lone Bison is an exceptional brew for hopheads and craft beer fans alike.

Rangeland Pale Ale

4.2% 30 IBU Pale Ale Mainstay

Our well-rounded Pale Ale balanced with just the right amount of hops and malt, cascade hops give citrus and floral aromas, while the malt gives notes of caramel and toffee. Rangeland Crosses an ESB with an American Pale ale to create a distinct Alberta Craft brew.

Ribstone Creek Lager

5.0% 7 IBU Lager Mainstay

Our Premium Lager displays sparkling clarity and a soft blanket of white head that combines an easy-drinking finish with a micro-brewed attention to detail. The aroma offers delicate, grainy malt sweetness supplemented by a light grassiness and hint of floral hoppiness.

Abbey Lane

3.6% 24 IBU English Mild Mainstay

Inspired by the English countryside and brewed in the heart of the Canadian Prairies, Abbey Lane English Mild carries the full-bodied flavour of dark, toasty and roasted nuttiness solidly on its malt forward backbone.

Abbey Lane will transport you across the pond and put an authentic tasting pint of English Tavern beer in your hand.

  • Gold Medal Winner - Session Ales - 2017 Canadian Brewing Awards

Old Man Winter Porter

6.5% 30 IBU Porter Seasonal

Our Porter offer pronounced chocolate & roast coffee notes, balanced by light caramel sweetness. With a fruity & roasted aroma on the nose, this well-bodied brew is the perfect companion for a cold winter night.

  • Silver Medal Winner - Porter - 2016 Canadian Brewing Awards
  • Silver Medal Winner - Porter - 2015 Canadian Brewing Awards

Great White Combine

5.6% 35 IBU White IPA Seasonal

A superb White IPA (5.6% ABV), bursting with tropical fruit and a subtle Belgian spice aroma. Grapefruity citrus takes over in the flavour with a clean, spicy, dry finish. Great White Combine builds quietly into a crescendo of flavour and aroma that leaves your palate with an appreciation for the calm after the storm.


Bomber Series #1: Roggenbier

5.6% IBU Rye Ale Seasonal

This classic German style Rye Ale is brewed with tradition in mind. Distinct grainy rye malt plays nicely with the subtle aromas and flavours of banana and clove from the Weizen yeast. The malts and yeast combine to showcase a flavourful and balanced beer that won’t disappoint.

Bomber Series #2: American Pale Ale

5.2% 28 IBU American Pale Ale Seasonal

Introducing our limited release, American Pale Ale that is bursting with hoppy goodness.  Strong citrus flavours that are backed up by a resinous pine character, work together to create the distinctive style known as an American Pale Ale.  This APA is has an approachable ABV of 5.25% and a subtle IBU rating of 28.  Enjoy one today!

Prairie Pirate #1 – Double IPA

8.8% 70 IBU Double IPA Collaboration

You know the story, now we are introducing you to the beer. Introducing: Prairie Pirate Double IPA! The Pirate “obtained” some of the tastiest hops from the scoundrels at Last Best Brewing and Distilling and used them to create a ridiculously easy drinking 8.8% Double IPA the likes the prairies has never seen! Citrus aromas and bold hoppy flavours are bursting with every swig of this villainous brew.

If the legends are true, keep a wary eye to the horizon as no one knows where the Prairie Pirate will strike next!

Prairie Pirate #2: Rauchbier

6.4% IBU Rauchbier Collaboration

Not even the harsh Alberta winter could keep the Prairie Pirate in hiding.  He has emerged from his Edgerton hideout in search of the finest malts to concoct the latest brew he desires.  On his trusted steed he wandered the cold, snowy land until he eyed his next mark.  The Pirate has plundered a bounty of Kananaskis malt from the scurvy dogs at Red Shed Malting to create a deep, malty, complex rauchbier!  The smokey flavour and chestnut colouring will warm even the Pirate’s cold, dark heart.